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*Please put “Archies Fund” in the ‘in honor/memory of’ spot online… or on the ‘memo line’ on checks. 

WRHA needs your help!
Archie’s Fund is a medical fund created by WRHA in 2017, which specifically helps to provide medical attention to the cats and dogs at our shelter with serious health issues, that we may not be able to afford. This includes emergency vet visits, tests and treatment. We continue our goal of helping as many animals as we can, including animals with health issues. Archie’s Fund helps to ensure every animal receives the best chance possible, regardless of their medical condition.
Meet Mom. A beautiful 10 year old shorthair/mix, who has been at WRHA since late December. Mom had some dental issues when she arrived and needed to receive medical attention. Although the standard vet visits did not cover her dental work, we were able to give her the care and procedure needed by utilizing Archie’s Fund. She has since had them extracted and is doing much better now! Mom is finally ready to find her forever home and is up for adoption at WRHA. Not only do kitties with dental problems have trouble eating and experience tremendous pain, their bad teeth can even lead to potentially fatal systemic infections. Just like a person, your furry friend needs regular dental checkups and cleanings with your vet to keep both him and his pearly whites healthy.
Archie’s Story:
While heartworm in dogs is preventable, it is not incurable if detected and treated early, and the staff at Wanderers’ Rest will fight to see animals leave the shelter alive even when faced with tough situations.  Archie, a sweet shepherd mix, was heartworm positive, which requires a few months of treatment and recovery. The cost of this treatment varies widely depending on each vet: for Archie’s treatment, it cost between $850 and $900.
UPDATE: Archie is doing great! He is currently in a foster home, relaxing after his successful treatment. He was able to receive the care he needed, thanks to Archie’s Fund.

Because of WRHA’s goal of helping as many animals as we can, including animals with health issues, Wanderers’ Rest started this medical fund specifically to provide treatment/tests/emergency vet visits to cats and dogs which we may not be able to afford otherwise. This fund will be called Archie’s Fund and will help to ensure every animal receives the best chance possible.  If you would like to donate to Archie’s fund for Archie and/or for other animals who may be in need, please use the “Donate Now” button above.