While we want every animal to find their forever home, as quickly as possible, we have some dogs and cats that need extra care or need help at least getting out of the shelter sooner than we have the ability to accomplish.

The cats and dogs below are special cases that are in need of a foster home or rescue in the mean time of finding their forever home. Call us at (315) 697-2796 if you would like to assist with one of these deserving animals below. Or you can fill out a foster application here.

Thea Queen

Thea is our longest term resident. She needs a rescue or foster home that has training experience and patience. Thea is currently in our training program which she has excelled at. She is cautious of new people but her personality shines when she knows you are not going to hurt her.


Russet is a sweet and misunderstood boy who has been waiting for a while to find his new home. He needs a foster home or rescue that understands his nervousness of some new people.


Panda is 4 year old girl looking for the perfect home that understands how quickly she may get sick. Panda is FeLV positive and needs a foster or rescue with the resources or devotion for a cat with FeLV.


Sweet Luther is a (roughly) 4 year old boy who needs love from a family that understands his needs. He is FeLV positive and needs a foster or rescue with the resources or devotion for a cat with FeLV.


Rockie is an amazing boy who doesn’t let being FIV+ get in his way. He is a super friendly and outgoing guy that needs an adopter (foster or rescue) that either has no other animals or has of FIV+ cats. He may live a long and happy life, but needs you to make that happen.

Frenchie T

Frenchie T is a sweet girl who has had a rough life. She has a tumor that is currently being tested. If it can be removed, we need a home/foster that can help her heal and can make her comfortable.


Bandit is a about 4 years old and is a very sweet boy. He doesn’t present well in the kennel and would do much better if we could see how he is in an experienced home. Bandit does great with people meeting them offsite. He hasn’t experienced very much in his life, so new experiences are exciting and scary. Help him experience the world the way he should have so far!