Are you looking to relinquish your pet(s)?

• Is there a way we can help you keep your pet? Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association maintains a food pantry and has a Spay/Neuter program for New York residents. Our staff would be more than happy to assist you with keeping your pet if possible.

• Although we are open admission and will not turn Madison County residents away our facility has limited kennel space. Individuals may be asked to care for their pet so staff can open a kennel. We do understand that emergencies come up and we will do our best to accommodate.

• Any dog found as a stray in Madison County must be brought to Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association by the town/city/village dog control officer. Staff will provide individuals with the number to their local DCO.

• The owner must be present at the time of surrender and sign off on the surrender contract. Dogs and cats will not be accepted from friends or family without explicit permission from the owner.

If you are surrendering a dog please ensure s/he remains on a leash while in the parking lot and in the lobby. If you are surrendering a cat please ensure s/he is secured in a crate. If you need a crate or leash please stop in the office to ask for supplies.

If you have veterinary records for the pet you are surrendering please be able to provide them to animal care staff for review.

WRHA Surrender Fee Requests for Owner Surrendered Cats

If your cat is not spayed/neutered, and is not current on vaccines:

• $150.00(out of county)
• $75.00 (Madison County)

If your cat is spayed/neutered, but is not current on vaccines*:

• $90.00 (out of county)
• $50.00 (Madison County)

If your cat is spayed/neutered, and is current on vaccines*:

• $50.00 (out of county)
• $25.00 (Madison County)

If the cat has been found as a stray:

• $75.00 (out of county)
• $25.00 (Madison County)

If you bring your pet into the shelter with the hopes of placing it up for adoption, please bring with you all of the pet’s paperwork and veterinary records. This includes proof of spay/neuter surgery and proof of current vaccination status. In addition pictures and a short write-up will help us tremendously when working to find your cat a new home as nobody knows your cat better than you and shelter pictures can be a challenge when marketing animals.

WRHA Cannot Accept Feral Cats

“What is a feral cat?”

A feral cat is a wild, completely unsocialized cat that is one or more generations from a domestic cat. Feral cats are not able to be handled and keep their distance from humans at all times.

Resources for Trap Neuter and Release

• Spring Farm Cares: (315) 737-9339
• Operation Wild Cats: (315) 363-3750

Resources for Spay/Neuter Assistance (these groups do not trap ferals)

• Cat Coalition: (315) 420-7729
• SANS: (315) 422-7970