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We are not currently hiring, but we will continue to accept applications. We will contact you when we have an open position.

You may fill out this employment application at any time.

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Kennel Attendant Job information:
Because we are a non-profit animal shelter, the pay is minimum wage.
Below you will find a list of job duties, but this list is not all-inclusive:
Clean and disinfect animal cages, walls, floors and hallways
Wash and disinfect feeding dishes, cat litter pans and bedding as per protocols
Provide food and water to animals
Alerting manager when inventory of item is low
Walk, groom and bathe animals
Clean exterior of cages and surfaces as per cleaning protocol
Remove feces from exterior walking areas
Cleaning public and office areas of the shelter
Carry out any other cleaning, sanitizing or maintenance duties as assigned
Monitor animals and report poor health symptoms
Restrain/hold animals
Have basic understanding of vaccinations, diseases, treatments, and testing
Assist with customer service as assigned
Assist with community activities including health fairs, fund raising events and educational presentations
Assist with visiting school and other groups
Work in partnership with volunteers – set a positive example
Attend and participate in any training program required by Shelter Manager
Participate in enrichment teams or other organizational initiatives and contribute to the achievement of a team’s goals
Promote the mission of WRHA by attending events, word of mouth, business cards