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Thank you for your interest in Donating to help Wanderers’ Rest continue to provide the best care possible to the hundreds of homeless and unwanted animals in our community.

**If you are donating to a specific animal’s care at our shelter, please note the following**

Those donations will be used for that specific purpose. Any remaining donations above and beyond that animals needs will then be used to care for other animals in our facility.

It feels good to give to charitable causes, but it’s certainly nice that the federal government rewards citizens who are generous with their donations. Donating to Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association allows you to choose where your money/donations goes and helps to improve the lives of some many animals and society as a whole. While most people simply pay taxes and let the government choose where the money should be spent, people who donate significantly to charities take a more active role in deciding where money should be invested in their communities.  For your efforts, you may be able to enjoy the added benefit of paying less on taxes.

If you are considering taking advantage of the charitable donations tax deduction, be sure to talk to a certified tax preparer in order to discuss your specific circumstances and what sort of tax preparation would work best for your situation.

Use the following guidelines when donating to Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association:

Calculate fair market value of any non-cash item(s) you donated and complete our non-cash donation form found on our website. To help you determine the fair market value of your donated items refer to the IRS Publication 561 (4/2007), Determining the Value of Donated Property, If the total amounts to more than $500, fill out IRS Form 8283. 

You will receive a 1098-C from Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association for any vehicles you’ve donated.
See the IRS website for additional details regarding vehicle donation.