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Are you ready to save a life?

It is the primary goal of Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association to ensure that every animal in our charge is adopted into a lifelong, compatible, loving, safe and healthy home. In addition, we make every effort to guarantee that those animals that leave our shelter will not produce offspring, thereby perpetuating the cycle of unwanted pets.

Adoption guidelines are a framework for making decisions, but not the final deciding factor. We must acknowledge that there are many approaches to quality pet ownership. When in doubt, we will weigh on the side of the adopter unless we have reason to believe the animal will be in danger or the adoption would not be a good match.

It is our desire that animals adopted from WRHA provide a lifetime of safe and pleasurable company. Animals new to the shelter are observed and dogs undergo a behavior evaluation to ascertain how the they will react in different situations.

Pets not meeting the following criteria will not be able to be adopted or held for any potential adopter.

  • Please give WRHA staff 2 business days to process your application. The staff needs this time to contact your vet, references and, when applicable, your landlord.
  • All animals adopted from WRHA are spayed or neutered before going home.
  • WRHA will be able to hold an available pet for 48 hours if an approved adopter needs additional time before signing paperwork and making payment.
  • Adoptable pets must be considered healthy, 8 weeks or older, current on vaccines/medical care, and dogs must have received a behavior evaluation.

Wanderers’ Rest Humane Association staff will approve adoptions on specific a pet based on the best possible match for that family and cat or dog. Staff reserves the right to decline an adoption should they feel it not be a good match.

Adoption guideline “non-negotiables” include:

  • There must be written landlord approval
  • Animals already in the home must have a current rabies vaccination
  • No animals will knowingly be released to an individual with a history of violence or neglect towards animals or humans
  • No animals will knowingly be released for animal fighting or human attack purposes
  • Animals will be surgically altered prior to leaving the building
  • Animals kept outside will be provided with substantial daily exercise and environmental stimulation
  • Animals placed into homes will have passed a behavior evaluation, have no history of aggression with humans, or severe aggression with other animals
  • Animals placed into homes without confinement will be contained in a manner that is both safe and humane
  • No chaining for long periods of time

If you have a question not answered on this page please do not hesitate to call our office at 315-697-2796 during business hours.